Expectations for Mentees

  • Reach out to at least one potential mentor within one week of signing up for the program.
  • Maintain regular and frequent contacts with your mentor, a minimum of two connections per month. Have at least one face-to-face or Skype/Facetime exchange within the first month.
  • Communicate in a prompt and respectful manner.  If you must change plans, give as much notice as possible.
  • Remember that you own your development. Take initiative to identify objectives as well as to keep the mentoring relationship focused and moving forward.
  • Agree upon two goals for the mentoring sessions.  These can be personal growth, career management, or academically related.
  • Be prepared to ask for specific advice on your skill set, ideas, plans, and goals. The more specific you are, the easier it will be for your mentor to respond.
  • Keep the content of discussions within the mentoring relationship confidential. All your exchanges with your mentor--both personal and professional--are subject to the expectations of professional confidentiality.
  • Be appropriate in your requests of your mentor.  As a reminder, your mentor is not responsible for assisting you find a job.  While they may end up helping with your search process, this is not their primary function.
  • Provide feedback about the mentoring relationship and be open to receiving feedback. Be honest, yet tactful.

One-on-one connection

Mentors and students form supportive relationships built on the shared experience of attending MIT Sloan, and connect one-on-one in an environment oftentimes more relaxed than a classroom. Your mentor will share personal stories, offer advice, and answer complex questions. It’s a valuable relationship that serves as an important complement to your classroom and action learning programs, and makes for a richer MIT Sloan experience.  

An easier way to find a mentor

Students and alumni participating in the MIT Sloan Alumni-Student Mentoring Program upload LinkedIn data and provide information about area of study, career interest/trajectory, and other shared interests to create detailed user profiles. Because matches are suggested based on this profile data they are more logical and relevant. Identifying the right mentor is no longer a time-consuming shot in the dark.

Build your community, expand your opportunities

In addition to sharing their own experiences and advice, mentors can provide access to the larger MIT Sloan alumni network. This access brings students valuable exposure to thousands of executives working in different geographies, industries, and job functions, opening their eyes to the different types of careers available to them upon graduation.